Use these Long Weekends in 2021 to Plan Your Travel

If there was any New Years Resolution that I would encourage everyone to do, it’s this: stop leaving your vacation days on the table every year. In fact, Americans left 768 million vacation days unused in 2018. Now that’s a lot of missed experiences! One of the easiest ways to fit travel into your schedule is to take advantage of long three-day weekends, tacking on a vacation day (or two) to extend it into enough time for a fulfilling trip. As we enter into the new year, one way that you can prepare for travel is to take note of the long weekends in 2021 that are best for traveling and begin to plan vacations in advance. Luckily, I’ve done the leg work for you!

Here are the long weekends in 2021 to take advantage of in your travel planning. Stay safe, savor each and every experience, and be sure to share your ‘Gram-stopping photos with me!

Pro-Tip: Click on the calendar to view it in high-resolution!

January 2021

01/16 – 01/18
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 2021

02/13 – 02/16
President’s Day

May 2021

05/29 – 05/31
Memorial Day

July 2021

07/03 – 07/05
Independence Day (observed)

September 2021

09/04 – 09/06
Labor Day

October 2021

10/09 – 10/11
Indigenous People’s Day

November 2021

11/11 – 11/14
Veteran’s Day
**Veteran’s Day is on a Thursday – a vacation day on Friday may be necessary for a 4-day weekend**

11/25 – 11/28

December 2021

12/24 – 12/26

12/31 – 01/02
New Years Eve

There you have it – these are all the long weekends in 2021! So pull out your bucket list, put in your vacation requests, and set that “out of office” email (no shame in doing it early!). There’s a big wide world just waiting for you. It’s time to plan a trip! Where will you go this year?

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