5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account in 2019

The world of Instagram can be confusing. How do I get others to engage with me? When's the best time to post? And what the heck is the Instagram algorithm? Figuring out how to grow your brand and social media presence can resemble a foreign language. Regardless, whether you're a businessperson, content creator, or just want to … Continue reading 5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account in 2019

25 People Share Their Self Love Stories

So what does the phrase "self love" actually mean? It's constantly thrown around alongside photos of face masks, solo vacations, and glasses of pink moscato. Yet, regardless of what social media says, it's more than just day trips to the spa and taking yourself out on a date. Self love is an ongoing process. It's not a sudden, epiphany-style moment of eureka like we see often on movies and television. It can progress, it can regress, and it needs constant maintenance. It's a lens. The lens in which you see yourself. Falling in love with your mind, your body, your voice, all of the moving parts that make up the being that is you. It's not the same for everyone. So, I asked you all. 25 of you shared your self love story with me 💗. Thank you to those who did. You’re inspiring.

Get the Prestige Look With a Full Face of Drugstore Makeup

In a world of faces coated in prestige brands such as Fenty Beauty, it's hard to figure out how to get an amazing makeup look without dropping hundreds. I personally save the good stuff for parties and special occasions, and break out the drugstore brands for an everyday beat. I'm a huge fan of getting "the look" for the least amount of dollars I possibly can. Here's how you can too!

8 Essential Tips for Traveling

We've all heard it: travel is good for the soul! Having traveled several times both domestically within the US and internationally, I agree. The opportunity to expose yourself to new places, people, foods, and cultures is an enriching experience. However, as romantic as travel can be portrayed, it's also incredibly stressful to plan and execute a successful trip without the proper knowledge. I'm dropping my 8 essential tips for traveling in this blog post! Plus, there's a free gift somewhere in this post as well - be on the lookout!

I Attend Grad School Tuition Free. Here’s How.

I knew that after completing my BS in Marketing, I wasn't ANYWHERE near ready to put on my big girl pants and step out into the real world. Not only that, but I wanted so desperately to have the opportunity to teach at the university level someday. The best way to make it happen was to attend graduate school. As I filled out and submitted the application to my Master's program, the questioned loomed over my head... How am I going to pay for this s***?! After several interviews, Google searches, and email exchanges, I found the answer to my question.

Gifts for Her Under $30 (Holiday 2018)

It's that time again! I love the holidays. Food, parties, time with loved ones, and getting away from work makes me a happy girl. Plus, what other time of the year is it appropriate to spike your hot chocolate? Point made! However, what I DON'T love is being completely clueless about what gifts to buy - especially when your girl is "balling on a budget" (do people still say that?). So, this post is for anyone who's looking to get gifts for a special lady in your life in an affordable way. Be it your "bae," friend, or family member, here are some gifts that any girl would love!

6 Extremely Fun Dates in the DC Area

Ah, young love. Or old love. Any love really! I've got to admit, I can be a hopeless romantic. If you follow me on socials, you'd know I can't resist a good adventure. That's why for me, it's important to have someone who loves to escape the confines of the living room to travel or … Continue reading 6 Extremely Fun Dates in the DC Area