The Getaway House Guide: Everything You Need to Know

A global pandemic, stress-inducing election, civil unrest, and everything in between. In these dog days of 2020, there’s nothing more needed than rest, relaxation – and a REAL unplug from all things newsworthy and social media related. And I’m a living testament to the all-too-connected word we live in – social media isn’t just my hobby. It’s my J-O-B. Between Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Instagram, Facebook, Outlook, and the good olé “ping!” of a text message, it’s enough to make a girl want to throw her phone into the Potomac River. So, when I got the opportunity to stay in The Getaway House, I went running!

You don’t really know how much you need a disconnect from the real world until you actually disconnect from the real world (even if just overnight!). And I know – you’ve seen it all over Instagram. The big-a*s windows with an AMAZING morning view. Crackling bonfires. And the inescapable buzzword “tiny house.” But you wonder.. How does Getaway House work? What do I need to bring to the Getaway house? What’s there to do at Getaway House? How much does it cost? Luckily, there’s no need to wonder anymore. Here’s my guide to a perfect escape to Getaway House. Get $25 off Getaway House using the code MARISSADAILY.

If you’re embarking on a road trip, be sure to download a copy of the Safecation Planning Guide for a pandemic-friendly packing list!

What is Getaway House?

Getaway House is a modern “tiny house” escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The mini cabins are in the middle of picture-perfect natural forests right outside major cities such as DC, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, LA, and others. The point is to unwind and unplug from daily stresses – and boy do you unplug! There’s no WiFi or TV (there’s an AM/FM radio if that’s your style). And that’s the point! Just you, majestic trees, tranquil walking paths, a firepit just waiting for you to make ooey gooey smores, and good company (and yes, going solo still means good company – you ARE the best company).

What Do You Bring To Getaway House?

Here’s what comes inside of a Getaway cabin:


When it comes to the kitchen, everything you need to successfully cook a tasty meal is already at the house. The appliances include a sink (with drinkable water), mini-refrigerator, stove, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Cooking tools include a bottle opener and corkscrew, can opener, knives and scissors, cutting board, pots and pans, dinnerware (plates, silverware, etc.), paper towels and dish soap, a kettle, and pour-over hot drinks for purchase (coffee, hot chocolate, & tea).


The bathrooms are tiny, but everything you need is there! A toilet and hot shower that is stocked with organic and biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a first aid kit are inside. Bath towels are also provided (important: not washcloths!).

Other Things

Other amenities include an AM/FM radio, a lantern, a “Phone Lock Box” if you’re really serious about wanting to throw your phone in the Potomac River, complimentary s’mores materials (bring more if you anticipate eating more than a couple of s’mores!), A/C & Heat, and a wireless speaker. The outdoor fire pit has firewood and firestarters for sale, which is ultimately more convenient than lugging a whole bundle of wood to the house – and it comes at a reasonable price.

What to Bring

Here’s what to bring to make the most of your Getaway House experience:

  • FOOD. Decide what you need to make it through your stay, and stock up at the grocery store before you enter middle-of-nowheresville. We brought chicken skewers, vegetables, eggs, bacon, bread, hot dogs & buns, a can of baked beans, fruits, and some snacks.
  • Aluminum Foil: We wrapped some of the leftover hotdogs in aluminum foil
  • Tupperware: If you’re going to have leftover food or pack lunches for hiking, Tupperware could definitely come in handy.
  • Water, wine, juice. In that order, if you ask me.
  • An extra blanket to cozy up by the fire on chilly nights
  • Bug repellent, for obvious reasons
  • More s’mores materials (because if you’re like us, you’ll eat more than two!)
  • Wash cloths were not provided at the cabin I stayed in

That’s it. No seriously, that’s it. Basically everything you truly need has been thought of already!

What’s There to Do While I Stay?

Although the point of Getaway House is to spend time relaxing in the house, it’s only natural to become a bit stir crazy and let your wanderlust take over! Luckily, the Getaway team is extremely communicative and will message you leading up to your stay. One of the emails included a “Nearby Your Post” article from their blog. Check out these local guides to find out what’s near your outpost to do (usually lots of hiking!). Otherwise, consider bringing some board games, an iPad with pre-downloaded movies, a journal, a Polaroid for photoshoot fun, or other indoor items that can spark good times.

How Does Getaway House Work? Is It Safe?

All you need to do is book your Getaway, and the team takes care of the rest! Before your cabin stay, they’ll send an email with the door code and the name of your cabin – which are so sweetly named after the staff’s grandparents. There’s a 24/hour support line that you can contact in case you need anything – and a landline phone on the wall in case you lose cell service. A lot of people have said they’re worried about safety – the good thing is the cabin isn’t nearly as removed as one might believe. Sitting on the camp grounds is a fleet of homes that are just spread out enough that you feel secluded – yet just close enough that you could easily see your neighbors if you walk slightly down the driveway.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices may vary by demand, outpost location, and time of year. But, generally they range between $150-350 a night depending upon all those factors. But, go ahead and snag $25 off Getaway House using the code MARISSADAILY.

And there you have it! Soon you’ll be roasting s’mores, sipping wine, and FINALLY getting that escape you deserve at Getaway House. Which outpost will you visit? Let me know in the comments!


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