The 20 Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers Under $30

Finding the perfect gift for loved ones around the holidays can be a daunting task, especially when there’s so many options out there! However, you can never go wrong by appealing to the sense of wanderlust that ignites the fire within your favorite jetsetter. Whether they’re an urban explorer, beach lover, or mountain adventurer, you’ll find something on this list that fits their lifestyle. Here’s a roundup of budget-friendly gifts for frequent travelers that are so great, you’ll outdo Santa himself!

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1. This portable power bank with a high capacity will help them stay connected no matter where their adventures take them! It’s equipped with two USB ports as well as a USB-C and you can charge two devices at once. Dead battery, begone.

Optimistic Review: “I took this to France with me for 2 weeks this summer. I fully charged it before leaving (but I think that took a long time) and used it several times to get my phone and camera back to 100%. I never once had to recharge this battery. In fact, I don’t think I used more than 40% of it…What I thought was really nice about it that I could see the exact battery percent and it had multiple ports. It charged my phone very quickly, too. I don’t think I’d travel without it.” – Aubrey

Currently on-sale for $24.99.

2. These life-saving packing cubes that allow even chronic overpackers to be team “one bag only!” Sort, organize and find your things in a flash by rolling and separating your clothes into each cube.

I use these exact packing cubes myself and they are a LIFE-SAVER. I’m talking 10 days in Greece in a carry-on bag type of life-saver!!! My favorite thing about these is that each one is designated for a specific item category from underwear to sweaters to shoes. As you’ll see in the video, they can also help when you’re packing bulky items such as knit sweaters and hiking pants.

Currently going for $20.99 in Black (may vary if you choose other colors).

3. Small but mighty, this mini umbrella packs a punch against the rain and is small enough to fit inside of almost any bag. Make sure your favorite traveler never gets caught on a bad weather day without protection.

Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!
Optimistic Review: “Bought this cheap, lightweight umbrella for an autumn trip to Edinburgh. It worked perfectly!! It was really windy there and it did pop inside-out a few times, but I just pushed it back into place. The pod holder is really great for folding it up when wet and keeping your bag safe from it!” – Lynn

Priced now at $17.95.

4. Are they tired of waking up with a sore neck after a long flight? Designed with comfort in mind, this tall neck pillow puts the traditional one to shame. Plus, it can be rolled up and stowed away in the silk carrying bag for max portability!

This is yet another product that I own myself, and it’s insane that I’ve traveled for so many years without it. The soft, plush material is gentle on your skin and it’s filled with memory foam for ultimate softness. Give a gift that never stops being useful when your favorite traveler reaches their destination well-rested.

On sale for $15.98, regular $19.99.

5. Their clothes will never be wrinkled again if they’re equipped with this portable travel steamer. It’s safe to use on a wide range of fabrics, so you can steam everything from suits to dresses to curtains.

Optimistic Review: “It’s a hit: This is so much better than the My Little Steamer which I’ve had for years but could only use upright. I like the flexibility this model offers and it’s faster and easier than an iron in some cases. For example, the steam function allowed me to quickly hem a set of 118″ curtains using adhesive tape, as well as steam clean my king size mattress. Since it’s not generating steam when the button isn’t being pressed the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly so I only had to refill it about 4 times each.” – Ms Mac

Currently on sale for $26.97.

6. For the international jetsetter, these travel plug adapters are designed to fit outlets in a variety of European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, and more.

Here’s yet another item that I personally own! These European travel adapters don’t just convert incompatible plugs, they also create several additional plugs for you to use – USB, USB-C, and traditional 120V sockets. I typically travel with two of them, just in case a travel companion needs an extra adapter.

This set is currently on sale for $26.99.

7. With many airlines losing luggage, an Apple AirTag is always a hit gift for anyone who wants peace of mind when checking a bag. Get real-time updates on the status and location on your bags.

You know that feeling when you’re standing at the baggage claim carousel anxiously awaiting to see if your bag made it? AirTags easily put that feeling to rest when you read that “Last seen near you in Terminal 2” message. Instant relief!

Even not on sale, this product still comes in budget-friendly at $29.

8. This portable organizer is designed to keep all their cables and cords organized and easily accessible. Plus, the durable material will easily hold up to frequent travel.

Optimistic Review: “This wrangled the nightmare tangles in my travel backpack. I constantly was looking for cords I needed and wanted to protect my power back and hard drives. This holds two portable hardrives and my big power bank plus at least six to eight charging cords. Zips up nicely and is sturdy. I love how easy it is to find my stuff in the bottomless pit of my backpack now.”

Organized bliss comes in at $13.99.

9. They’ll never pay overweight baggage fees again with a handheld luggage scale that makes it easy to reshuffle before arriving to the airport.

While I don’t own this particular luggage scale, the one I do own has definitely saved me from paying an arm and a leg for overweight bags!

Optimistic Review: “This wrangled the nightmare tangles in my travel backpack. I constantly was looking for cords I needed and wanted to protect my power back and hard drives. This holds two portable hardrives and my big power bank plus at least six to eight charging cords. Zips up nicely and is sturdy. I love how easy it is to find my stuff in the bottomless pit of my backpack now.”

With a sale price of $11.99 (Regular $29.99), this scale pays for itself a million times over.

10. The perfect solution for carrying your liquids when you travel? These leak-proof TSA approved bottles made from silicone are designed to make security a breeze.

This assortment of travel containers features 4 bottles, 4 jars, 2 spray bottles, 2 scoopers, a funnel, clean brush, and label sheet in a useful zipper case. It makes it easy to take your own shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, and face wash wherever you go! For the #TeamCarryOn travelers, they’re specifically designed to meet the guidelines set by TSA, so they can bring them on flights without any problems.

Currently on sale for $15.95.

11. Thanks to this Bluetooth transmitter, frequent flyers will swoon at using their own wireless headphones with the airplane in-flight entertainment.

Ever wondered what it’d be like to broadcast the in-flight audio to your own Bluetooth headphones instead of the janky free ones they pass out? This compact device makes that a reality.

Optimistic Review: “Purchased to use on a long delta flight with their built in screens. Usually use a set of wired headphones, but wanted to try my noise cancelling Bluetooth ear buds. My main concern was battery life and delay, making the lips out of sync with audio. The battery lasted easily all 5 hours on plane and the delay was minimal if at all. Happy with purchase and will use again.” – Amazon Customer

12. Having a collapsible water bottle is perfect for hiking, traveling, and everyday use! When they’ve finished drinking, they can simply fold the bottle to save space in their bag.

Having a regular water bottle on hand is the best hack to avoid paying $4 for a bottle of water at the airport. However, when it’s empty, you have to lug it around and try your best not to lose it. OR it takes up a bunch of space in your bag for no good reason. This one folds up tightly, allowing your favorite traveler to stow it away out of sight and out of mind. It’s BPA-free and comes in lots of fun colors!

Regularly priced at $12.99.

13. This nifty airplane foot hammock will make long-haul flights just a little less miserable, providing effortless elevation for their feet and legs.

It attaches easily to the tray table in front of you and has an extra-long adjustable strap for travelers of different heights.

Optimistic Review: “I used the Hammock on a recent trip to Germany. When I made the trip in the past, annually, even with compression socks, I would always have somewhat swollen ankles. Additionally, I struggle with lower back pain. At 5’4”, this tool had me sitting in a better position and I arrived without back-pain and no swollen ankles. My only complaint is that I wish it had separation for your feet…best used with shoes on – more comfortable that way. Overall, money well spent!!!” – KSF

On sale currently for $19.97.

14. Make sure their beauty routine is never disturbed again by poor hotel lighting, thanks to this foldable light-up travel mirror.

It has not one, not two – but THREE color modes and a dimmer control! Plus, it works up to continuously works for up to an hour and a half after being fully charged, which makes it easier to take on the go.

Optimistic Review: “I travel a lot and not all hotel rooms have magnifying mirrors or even a well lit one at that. This little mirror is now a saving grace for me! It’s small enough to fit in my makeup bag and the light is strong enough for my old eyes to apply my makeup and not look like a clown. The light even has several shades or settings.” – Emma

On sale now for $21.99.

15. This sleek and stylish magnetic hat clip for bags is the type of gift they didn’t know they needed until they received it. ESPECIALLY if they’re a carry-on type of traveler!

This is one I don’t have yet, but I NEED! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve worn my hat through the airport or carried it in my hands, because I didn’t want it to be squished in my carry-on bag. This clip from the Barefoot Caribou Store on Amazon attaches to a bag or purse and holds your hat so you can take it off when you’re at a restaurant, traveling, or in windy conditions. It’s also made of high-quality faux leather with gold accents, so it really gives a touch of luxury (on a budget!).

Optimistic Review: “What a relief! I don’t know how many hats I’ve left at vendor booths, snack bar counters, restroom hat hooks, and restaurant booths, but I don’t think there will be many more with this super cool hat clip. It’s so impressively strong! It holds a light hat with no problem, but I even put my heaviest hat on there, a full leather cowboy hat that weighs about four pounds and is about 1/4″ thick, and the clip still held.” – Amazon Shopper

Priced at $29.99.

16. This vegan leather jewelry organizer comes in a duster bag and gift-ready box. No more tangled necklaces, bracelets, and earrings upon arrival!? Sign them up!

Last Christmas, my boyfriend gifted me a very similar jewelry organizer, which completely revolutionized the way I bring my jewelry on trips. Before, I was putting all my jewelry into a plastic pouch and letting it become a tangled mess in transit. Boy, do I wish I could get all that time spent untangling back! This is a must-have for any traveler who enjoys wearing jewelry.

Peak jewelry organization going for $26.99.

17. A travel backpack under $30 is pretty much unheard of – but it’s happening! This sleek backpack has 7 pockets and over 150 five star reviews.

Optimistic Review: “I have bought this backpack because I was flying with Frontier airline and I didnt want to pay for a carry on or checked bag. And it was perfect. I had outfits for 4 days, a bathing suits and a dressy dress with me, my laptop and it fit. I did buy those vacuum bags to make it all fit in the bag. It was great, and it fit in the “see f it fits and counts as personal item” check box.” – Daniela

Now on sale for $29.99.

18. If your traveling loved one has ever posted a photo in a kayak, on a boat, or hiking a waterfall – they need this 3-piece waterproof dry bag.

Good for swimming, rafting, kayaking, or even a pesky rainstorm, this set keeps your things perfectly dry even if you submerge it into water. You can sling the strap over your shoulder, or simply attach the strap to your boat or kayak to keep your items safe from floating to the bottom of the sea. The real star of the show, though is the IPX8 Certified Waterproof Phone Case (3.9″ x 6.7″). This amazing dry cell phone case features a snap and lock access that has dual-sided clear windows that allow you to text, talk, and take photos while still inside the case.

19. This 3-in-1 portable fan works wonders for temperature control, but also serves as a backup power bank and flashlight. Plus, how cute is it?!

Optimistic Review: “This little thing is the BOMB! Took it with me on a Disney trip this summer. It’s super cute, the battery lasts forever! I used it for hours in the parks, then plugged my phone in for a full charge, no problem. It’s really cute too, and the fan blades have a safety feature that shuts it off as soon as they touch anything, so it would be safe for kids. Handy wrist strap, nice and light and easy to hold in front of your face. If someone stands just beside or behind you, it blows strong enough to cool the two of you no problem. If you paired this with a cooling towel, you could take over the world.” – Carrie

On sale for $14.99.

20. Quick drying microfiber towels are perfect for anyone that loves camping and the beach. They fold up small, are lightweight, and can be air dried and reused in a short time.

Optimistic Review: “The SFee Microfiber Sports Towel set was the perfect set of towels for our family to take when camping the past week. These towels are much much thinner than bath towels, get you dry quickly, and air dries fast so you’re not using a wet towel the next day you take a shower. I bought two sets in medium – one in pink and one in blue – for my kids to use. The medium towels would’ve been a bit small for an adult to use, but for my two elementary grade kids, the towels were perfect in size for them to use. The set came with two towels each – one large body towel and a smaller hand towel. The hand towel was a bit large to use a face washing towel, but it was a good size for them to dry off their shampoo bottles, water bottles, and hands when needed.” – K

From practical items that will make their journey easier to sentimental gifts that will remind them of their love for exploration and adventure, there is something for every jetsetter in your life. Consider their interests and travel style, and it’s sure to be enjoyed on their next trip!


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