The Ultimate Guide to Shoji Spa & Retreat Asheville

Perched proudly on a hilltop in Pisgah National Forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an authentic Japanese escape that you didn’t know you needed. Shoji Japanese Spa & Lodge is the East Coast’s only outdoor Japanese Retreat, boasting a wide variety of services and treatments for pure relaxation. Although Asheville alone is worth the visit, the opportunity to relax and unwind at Shoji is the icing on the cake. Here’s everything you need to know about Shoji Spa and my experience while visiting!

What is Shoji Spa?

Shoji is a unique and unpretentious destination spa nestled on the mountainside only minutes away from the vibrancy of Downtown Asheville. Along with traditional Japanese bathing and soaking in hydrotherapy salt tubs, guests can enjoy spa-style showers, massage treatments, locally sourced spa products, tea and wine service, and more. Aside from all of the luxurious amenities offered, perhaps the most enchanting part of visiting Shoji is location, location, location! High up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pisgah National Forest is a stunning temperate rainforest with sky-high trees, natural sounds, and oxygen-rich air for a multisensory experience like no other.

Our Experience

First things in the morning, we set off for Shoji, making the scenic drive up through Pisgah Forest’s country roads. The spa is tucked away at the top of a hill in a residential area of the forest, with steep hills and winding turns that you’ll want to take slowly. Once you arrive, one of their COVID procedures is to wait until exactly 15-minutes before the appointment to enter.

Once inside, we were greeted by the smell of incense and a smiling staff who checked us into the spa seamlessly. After signing a couple of documents saying we were free of COVID symptoms, we were given a tote bag with two towels, rubber sandals, and a Japanese Yukata (cotton robe). Prior to soaking in the hydrotherapy tubs, you’re asked to take a shower in the locker rooms to remove all lotions and oils from your skin. That shower was only the beginning of the relaxation to come – with four different showerheads that could all be controlled individually.

After our shower, the staff led us outside and showed us the wet cedar sauna, double-cold showers, and where to go for our hydrotherapy tub. We descended down a wooded path, in awe of the tall trees and bamboo shoots. At the bottom was a row of private cabanas resembling Japanese tea houses, where we found our assigned home for the day. After getting settled and firing up the jets, we were ready to relax.

Finally, we settled into the 104-degree water, sipping champagne and enjoying the natural views of the forest. Just breathing in the fresh air, the hot water caressing my skin, and feeling the cold raindrops on my face was one of the most at-peace I’ve felt in a really long time. Full-on relaxation mode gas never felt better than indulging 2,500 feet above stress level. The tubs were so soothing, that we decided to ultimately skip the sauna and cold-showers in an effort to soak every inch of our bodies until our 1-hour time slot ended.

Truly, the experience exceeded both of our expectations with its rustic charm, excellence service, and ability to teleport us from North Carolina to Japan.

All Services and Costs

Updated February 2021 – for current pricing, be sure to check their website

Shoji offers several different treatments and experiences. Here’s a breakdown of what their current offerings are, according to their website.

Hydrotherapy Salt Tub Soaks
TimeRate (per person)Gratuity
60 Minutes$59+20%
90 Minutes$89+20%
180 Minutes$118+20%
The following amenities are included with any soak or spa package: 180+ Degree Wet Cedar Sauna / Open Air Double Cold Showers / Yukata, Sandals & Spa Towels

A classic Swedish massage focusing on your specific needs utilizing a wide range of therapeutic massage techniques to achieve tension release and ultimate relaxation.

TimeRate (per person)Rate (per couple)
60 Minutes$125$250
90 Minutes$175$350

​Pronounced (O-Coo-Boo-Kai), this therapeutic Deep Tissue massage is recommended for those who desire ­firm pressure with focus on releasing over stressed muscle groups and joint pain through breath, stretching, and deep massage.

TimeRate (per person)Rate (per couple)
60 Minutes$145$350
90 Minutes$175$450

This nurturing Swedish massage to pamper the Mother-to-Be is given while lying comfortably on your side with great care from our specially trained massage therapists. Fluffy pillows and soft blankets cocoon your body while you drift off to the gentle strokes and soothing Japanese scents.

TimeRate (per person)
60 Minutes$145
90 Minutes$175
Spa Packages

Nagusamu (Comfort)
Pronounced (Na-Goo-Sa-Moo), Escape and soak in the comfort and relaxation of your own Private Outdoor Salt Hydrotherapy Tub in the woods for one hour followed by a 60 or 90 minute Zen relaxation massage.

Massage Time: 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes
Rate (Per Person): $175/$225

Awasu (Join Together)
Your escape begins with a one hour Private Outdoor Salt Hydrotherapy Tub paired with a specialty bottle of Prosecco. Then, relax allow yourself to melt away with a side-by-side 60 minute couples massage with Japanese Hinoki oil.

Massage Time: 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes
Rate (Per Couple): $385.00 / $480.00

Suki (To Love)

Enjoy the flavors of nature and a bottle of white wine. Includes: One hour private salt hot tub soak in the woods, all amenities and a 60 minute couples Zen massage with Japanese Hinoki oil side by side.

Massage Time: 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes
Rate (Per Couple): $385.00 / $480.00

NIHON (For Two)

Pick your favorite friend or loved one for a truly revitalizing experience with our (Nee-hone) Spa package. This package includes a one hour Private Outdoor Salt Hydrotherapy Tub for Two, all amenities and a 60 or 90 minute classic Zen massage side by side. Plan to stay 2 hours.

Massage Time: 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes
Rate (Per Couple): $350.00 / $450.00​

Staying at Shoji Spa

Shoji offers three houses to choose from: House of Moon, House of Wind, and House of Earth. The spa treatments aren’t included with the stay, but you can add them onto your accommodations. The pricing of all three fluctuates with availability and demand, but here are the different descriptions of each option:

House of Moon

House of Moon has its own private entrance with stairs that lead to a modest open floor-plan with living & dining room area, kitchenette and loft. Retreat up the narrow stairs to a queen size bed. Living room sofa opens up to a comfortable queen size futon, accommodating up to two (2) guests. House of Moon is lovely, gazing across the tree tops of the national forest. Newly renovated, beautiful & cozy. *** Couples Only In-Suite Massages Available!

House of Wind

House of Wind boasts vaulted ceiling and a raised sitting area perfect for a cup of coffee and taking in the view. This intimate space is ideal for a romantic getaway or a personal retreat. With a walk up the deep stairs, you’re immediately captured by the suite-style setting and King size bed. House of Wind sleeps two (2). Just yards away from world-class massage therapists and the Southeast’s only outdoor SALT tub retreat, this accommodation provides you with the peaceful sleep you require and the rejuvenation you deserve.

House of Earth

House of Earth, is nestled in the forests edge with floor to ceiling windows and an open, studio floor-plan. House of Earth has a private entrance, luxurious bathroom, state-of-the-art kitchenette, and sleeps up to two (2) people with a total of three (3) futons. Shoji Spa & Lodge is the Southeast’s only outdoor hot tub retreat. Your stay includes access to our on-site spa, yards away from world-class massage therapists. *** Couples Only In-Suite Massages Available!

The Verdict

Ultimately, Shoji Spa & Lodge is an amazing retreat for anyone looking to melt away the realities of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We LOVED our hydrotherapy tub experience, and will definitely be back on our next visit to Asheville! To book your stay or spa services with Shoji, be sure to call and leave them a message at (828) 299-0999.

📍 Shoji Spa & Lodge
96 Avondale Heights Rd
Asheville, NC 28803

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