Unleash Your Inner Chef This Fall: Everyplate Meal Kit Review 2020

Since finishing up grad school and joining the workforce, I thought that life was going to settle down. Boy, was I wrong! Turns out, I’m even busier than I was before – juggling a full time job, social media and blogging, freelance consulting, and trying to have a semblance of a social life in the midst of it all. No matter what, it feels like there’s SO much to do and NOT enough time – amirite?! Which is why “convenient” and “easy” have become my two favorite words, and – “your EveryPlate box has been delivered” has become my favorite email!

In a fast-paced world, meal kits eliminate time spent grocery shopping and picking out recipes. EveryPlate is the cheapest one on the market, but is it worth the hype? Here’s my review of EveryPlate‘s meal kit delivery service. *Stay to the end for a discount*

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How it Works

The ordering process is super simple, with a straightforward subscription where you can pick your meals weekly. Or, you can go into your account and skip over the week if need to take a week off cooking and eat out instead (guilty).

Sign up and choose the meal plan: You can choose a 2-person or 4-person box subscription, as well as the number of days you need dinners per week (3, 4, or 5)

Choose your meals: Each week there’s a new flexible menu, where you can choose from 13 meals that have a variety of sides and main courses.

Some of my favorite meals are the Vietnamese Steak Bowls, the Bay Scallop Linguine (premium choice), and really any of their taco selections.

Sit back & relax: Sit back and wait for your package to arrive! You can also customize your delivery day so that it fits around your schedule. . No planning out meals, no searching through grocery aisles, no thought about which sauces and seasonings to buy.

Bay Scallop Linguine made with EveryPlate

The Meals

Okay – the moment of magic you’ve been waiting for. THE FOOD! When you get your EveryPlate box in the mail (feels like Christmas, right?), you’ll receive your meals packaged nicely with frozen ice packs to keep it fresh. Alongside the food is the meal cards, which explain which ingredients from the box you’ll need for the meal, what you’ll already need to have (little things like veggie oil, sugar, butter, etc.), and the back has instructions for cooking.

What’s really great about the meals is they all take an hour or less to make! Here’s one the meals I’ve whipped up with Everyplate:

Easy Chicken and Pepper Fajitas

with Zesty Sour Cream

Expectation vs. Realitynot too shabby, right? My photography could’ve used some work but the meal is perfect!

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients they send: Onion, lime, bell pepper, tortillas, sour cream, chicken breast strips, southwest spice, jalapenos

Ingredients you’ll need: veggie oil, salt, pepper

Steps: Chopping the produce, sauteeing the veggies, mixing the sour cream with seasoning and lime juice, cooking the chicken, and slap the ingredients on a tortilla!

Taste: These fajitas, and honestly any tacos EveryPlate sends, are my favorite things to order! They’re so simple, and the southwest spice they send is *chef’s kiss!* Whenever they send sour cream, I like to add sriracha and extra lime juice for a little kick!

Pro tip when cooking with EveryPlate: Sometimes I like to make things go faster by multitasking or switching up the order of steps! So for example, I’ll put the chicken in a pan before I do anything else and chop the veggies while the chicken cooks. It really makes things go quickly!

How to Get Your Delivery at a Discount

EveryPlate promises to be, ‘America’s Best Value Meal Kit’ and at only $4.99 a meal. They aren’t lying! Luckily, though, I’ve arranged for you to get 3 weeks of meals for $2.99 each by clicking right here. You can also enter the code MARISSA3 to use my discount as well. I don’t earn any commission from the sales of these boxes – I’m genuinely urging you to try the service and see for yourself!

After all, life gets hectic. If I can make it easier for you, I’ll do that any way possible! In my opinion, Everyplate is worth every penny. Let me know what you think in the comments below – have you ever tried a meal delivery service?


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