Want a Quick Vacation? Here Are the Cheapest Weekends to Travel in 2020, According to HotWire

We all have those friends. The ones who have a full-time job, yet they’re always flexing a new location or sipping a perfectly layered tequila sunrise next to a fiery orange sunset. So you wonder, how do they do it? And more importantly, how do you do it?

You take a look at your vacation days and see they’re lacking, the projects at work are piling up, and your bank account is well… not conducive to a week-long getaway to the most Instagrammable resort in Fiji.

Let me introduce you to the art of the quickie.

No – not the one you’re thinking of, but a “quickie” vacation! According to the experts, 2-3 day trips, or “micro-cations,” are rising quickly in popularity with millennial travelers especially. And it makes sense – especially when you want to stockpile your vacation days for a better opportunity.

Weekend trips are the perfect way to wind down, escape, and pretend that you don’t have 347+ emails waiting for you on Monday morning (and let’s be real, 60% of those are probably nonsense).

But before I reveal the golden secrets of weekend travel, let’s take a moment to look at the projected travel rates for 2020. Hotels are projected to rise 2-4% globally this year alone! Airfare is expected to be 1.5% more expensive this year as well.

My face was just as twisted as yours when I read this – you’re not alone! So for those balling on a budget, thankfully Hotwire has used their previous year’s data to forecast which weekends will be most affordable this year. Here’s what they found – and the results are shockingly holiday-heavy:

February 28-March 1 (Leap Day)

April 10-12th

May 8-10 (Mother’s Day Weekend)

June 19-21 (Father’s Day Weekend)

July 3-5th (Fourth of July)

August 21-23

September 4-6 (Labor Day Weekend)

October 30-November 1 (Halloweekend)

November 27-29 (Thanksgiving)

December 18-20

So next time you see your friend on social media, riding valiantly on horseback or flying down a snow-dusted mountain, double tap, take a deep breath, and feed your own wanderlust. Save your precious PTO, ditch the “Vacation Request” email to your boss, and take full advantage of what the weekend has to offer! Not sure where to start planning? Here’s my 8 Step Guide to get you started. Tag me in your adventures!

Weekend forecasts are based on Hotwire data between 2018 and 2019.


  • Marissa Strang

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