25 Holiday Gifts Under $30 That She’ll Love

Newsflash: Christmas Day is less than two weeks away!

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably procrastinated on your holiday shopping and are now scrambling to figure it out. Whether you’re shopping for a techie, beauty queen, or a woman of luxury, you’ll find the perfect gift for your friend or special someone from my curated list. The best part? Most of these items are Prime eligible and will be delivered within a couple of days! Happy shopping!

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1. For the Beauty Queen: Makeup Mirror

Whether she’s obsessed with makeup or skincare, this mirror will let her get up close with up to 3x magnification! Even though this gift is under $30, the lucky recipient will never know with its touch-screen dimming technology. From the sharpest cat eyes to the most Insta-worthy eyebrows, this portable tri-fold mirror will be the perfect guide for any look.

2. For the Content Creator: Tripod for Phone & Camera

Is she a blogger, YouTuber, or just likes taking photos and videos? Help her create the content of her dreams with this selfie tripod with a Bluetooth remote. This will hold both a phone and a camera. I routinely use one of these myself, and the photos come out bomb. Thank me later.

3. Does She Stay Stressed?: Aromatherapy Diffuser

This tabletop diffuser will help anyone wind down with the essential oil of her choice. Lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus – you name it. The scented vapor has proven health and relaxation benefits. Don’t forget to gift her some essential oils to get her started.

4. If She Loves Wine: Stemless Glass Set

She can sip her pinot grigio in style with these stemless, rose-gold wine glasses. Classy to the max. Enough said.

5. For the Skin Care Junkie: Facial Steamer

Facial steamers are perfect for the woman who loves to do face masks. She can open up her pores, moisturize her skin, and use the extraction tools that come with this mask to clear any blemishes. A set of face masks could be the perfect addition to this gift as well.

6. For the Busy Body: Echo Dot

Alexa, what’s the weather outside? Alexa, remind me tomorrow at 8PM to water my aloe plant. Alexa, what events are on my calendar today? Alexa, how long will it take me to drive to work? Alexa, play my Apple Music playlist.
These are just a few of the commands the echo dot can handle. If she’s so busy that she needs a personal assistant, this is for her.

7. If She Burns Candles: Stained Glass Candle Set

This stained glass candle set is absolutely gorgeous, and looks way more expensive than what it costs. Not only will wonderful notes of lavender and vanilla fill the room, but this earns extra cool points for it’s stained glass look.

8. For the Coffee Snob: Bean Bag Sample Set

If she runs on coffee and enjoys trying new flavors, this is a great gift. These half-pound bags of coffee beans include tasting notes, brewing tips, and an artisan treat. Buy a single box, or get her a monthly subscription.

9. If She Loves Snacks: Snack Care Package

Does she love snacks? Is she always forgetting to eat? Send her a box full of her favorite munchables. This is a great gift for students, or women who are always on the go!

10. For the Woman Who’s Always Cold: Sherpa Throw Blanket

Sherpa blankets are the warmest, cuddliest blankets around. If she’s always cold, gift her the gift of warmth with this fancy and fluffy throw.

11. If She Loves to Travel: Hanging Roll Up Toiletry Bag

She’ll fall in love with this toiletry bag and its functionality. Four separate compartments allow for seamless organization, and a hook lets her hang it in the bathroom in her home away from home. One of the main compartments even has elastic straps to keep her bottles from tipping over.

12. For the Lady With a Great Sense of Humor: Wreck This Journal

If she loves sentimental gifts, this could be perfect for her. Several pages of illustrations instruct her to do things such as “jump up and down on this page” and “throw something covered in paint at this page.” She might even have to hide a page of the book in her neighbor’s yard. Anything’s possible. Complete it together!

13. For the Physically Active: Handheld or Pillow Massager

Is she always complaining of being sore or in pain? Help her alleviate the pain with a handheld or pillow massager. The pillow style is even heated!

14. For the Disney Lover: Beauty and The Beast Red Rose

Does she love everything Disney related? This could be the perfect gift for any Disney junkie. The Enchanted Rose from Beauty in the Beast is one of the movie’s most iconic pieces and has become a symbol of love.

15. For the Techie: Charging Stand for Apple Products

If she’s walking around with an iPhone, airpods, and an Apple Watch, it might be a little difficult to keep all those items charged! Help make her life a little easier and more organized with this stand. Plus, it’s perfect for hands-free activities such as FaceTime.

16. For the Artist: 36 Piece Brush Set

If she loves to create art, this 36 piece brush set could be exactly what she needs. From the smallest of details, to a larger feat, she’ll know which ones to grab for to get the perfect look.

17. For A Special Someone: Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Looking for a romantic gift on a budget? This swarovski crystal bracelet will give her butterflies as it sparkles on her wrist. The reviews for this piece are just as amazing as it looks!

18. For the Makeup Lover: Brush Set with Holder

Woo your favorite makeup lover with a thoughtful gesture with a new brush set. It even comes with a blender sponge and a cute holder for when she’s on the go.

19. If She Loves Tea: Variety Tea Box with Winter Blends

If she tends to opt for tea instead of coffee, grab her this sampler box full of variety premium tea leaves. Winter blends such as ginger snap, orange spice, and winter chai are just a few of the flavors in this set.

20. If She Likes Bubble Baths: Luxury Organic Bath Bombs

Give her luxury with this beautiful premium bath bomb set. They’re organic and vegan, and they’ll leave her smelling and feeling amazing.

21. If She Needs to Take a Load Off: Aromatherapy Stress Relief

I absolutely LOVE the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line. This is the eucalyptus and spearmint body wash and foam bath and lotion set. Let her rinse her stress down the drain as these scents caress her from head to toe.

22. For the Lady Who’s Always Late: Watch & Bangle Set

As someone who is often late myself, I’m not sure how much this will help. Regardless, it’s a beautiful set on a budget! Give her the gift of time and a bangle to match.

23. For the Workaholic: Laptop Bed Tray

If she stays on her laptop doing work, or even just browsing the internet, this laptop tray is the perfect gift. It even comes with a little drawer to hold her sticky notes and pens.

24. For the Woman Who Loves Organization: Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Here’s a perfect gift for the girl with the cluttered cabinet! Help her bring some organization to her morning routine with this acrylic organizer. Twelve lipstick slots and eight drawers will make her space much more appealing, and the clear acrylic goes with any decor!

25. If She’s A Fitness Junkie: The Perfect Compact Gym Bag

If she lives an active lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with the perfect gym bag. Not only does it have a designated shoe compartment and waterproof separation layer, but it has a lifetime warranty. The bag is tear resistant, and even has padded straps, and a trolley strap to secure it onto your luggage.

26. For The Diva: Leopard Print Plush Robe

I love to apply my makeup in my robe, with a glass of wine, and my favorite music blasting. If she’s anything like me, she’ll love this warm and luxurious sherpa robe.

27. If She Likes “Just Girly Things..”: Gold and White Statement Earrings

These earrings are the perfect piece for any woman. They’re dainty, yet noticeable, and will go with a variety of outfits! Plus, they don’t look cheap whatsoever.

28. If She Likes to Stay Hydrated: Bluetooth Reminder Water Bottle

This is yet another great gift for a woman who’s always on the go. This water bottle lights up to remind you to hydrate, and even has a Bluetooth speaker. It’s received rave reviews, and it’s a cute gift for anyone who wants to be more environmentally friendly and drink more water.

29. If She Collects Jewelry: Organizer Stand

I received one of these as a birthday gift last year, and it’s definitely used more than majority of the gifts I’ve received! I love that I can organize my necklaces and earrings without having to detangle them, and it provides a nice sophisticated touch to the way my jewelry is displayed.

30. If She Likes Vibes: Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp with Holders

If she likes to burn candles, or has a dedicated space to crystals and other similar items, this could be the perfect addition to her collection. It not only comes with a handcrafted salt lamp, but also comes with tea light holders for added aesthetic.

Did you find the perfect gift for her on this list?

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