My Meals Cost $3.33 Each: Here’s How. My 3 Day Cooking Experience With EveryPlate.

Let’s start with some background for context. I’m a serial fast food eater. When your life consists of two jobs, full time graduate school, and blogging & social media… well, it’s hard not to be! While I’m not necessarily eating burgers and fries all the time, I still get 75% of my meals from fast dining locations.

The gag about eating out all the time is that it’s not as budget-friendly as setting aside time and effort to cook in your own home. When you’re like me, and your time and effort is often spent elsewhere, you need convenience. You need cost-friendly. And you NEED tasty – because who wants to eat something they can barely taste or stomach? Cue the miracle of the meal kit delivery service. Specifically, EveryPlate.

EveryPlate is a meal kit delivery service that requires absolutely no commitment – you can cancel any time or even opt to skip weeks. They mail you an insulated box full of ingredients, and meal cards that show a pictorial of how to make each meal. The boxes include 3 meals a week (your choice of 2 or 4 person portions), and there are 5 recipe choices to select from per week. Shout out to the delectable Herb Butter Steak I made this week! More about that later.

Here’s my awesome, tasty, 3-day experience with EveryPlate. The best part? All three meals took 35 minutes or less to make!

Here are my three meal cards, and a box full of fresh ingredients from EveryPlate!

Day 1: Pork Sausage and Mushroom Linguine

Confessions of a carbohydrate junkie: I absolutely love pasta. Naturally, I gravitated toward this linguine as my first meal from the kit. It was as simple as boiling the noodles, roasting the sausage and mushrooms, and simmering the ingredients for the sauce.

The verdict? I’m not a fan of mushrooms at all (I HAVE to pick them off of my pizza), but this was so tasty! I genuinely feel like the mushrooms made the pasta better and I scarfed it down with the quickness! 8/10 for this 30 minute recipe.

Day 2: Chili Glazed Chicken with Scallion Rice and Zesty Carrots

This next meal I made for my best friend and I during wine night. It passed the taste test for the both of us – especially the chicken. It was so juicy! This recipe was uber simple by making oven roasted carrots, boiling rice, and pan-searing chicken. The chili sauce was easy as well – it consisted of mixing butter, soy sauce, and Thai chili together. Yum!

While I admittedly can never get the texture of rice correct, which is totally on me, the meal was great! If I made it again, I would’ve put more seasoning on the chicken and in the soy sauce. 7/10 for this 30 minute meal!

Day 3: Herb Butter Steak With Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cheesy Potatoes

This meal was the STAR of the show! I couldn’t stop talking about it. And when I finished it? I was wishing I had more for the next day! EveryPlate really outdid themselves with this one.

This Herb Butter Steak was by far the best meal I’ve had in a very long time. The steak? Tender and flavorful. The potatoes? Cheesy, just like I like them. The brussels sprouts? Roasted to perfection. PLUS, it only took 35 minutes to make. How is that even possible?! I know what you’re thinking: she’s exaggerating. I 100% am not. It could be because I’ve been craving steak for two weeks, but I was ridiculously impressed by this meal.

The brussels sprouts and potatoes were roasted in the oven, while I seared the steak to medium-well perfection in a cast iron skillet. The icing on the cake was the fancy sauce, which consisted of butter, dijon mustard, parsley, and garlic. When Ja’Sjnn and I took the first bite of the steak, we both let out the same loud “mmm” sound of satisfaction and basically ate in silence until our plates were clean.

Why EveryPlate?

Meal kit delivery services can be costly, but this kit is the best value in the industry. They provide high quality, fresh ingredients and ship them to your house. Honestly, who wants to wander around the grocery store every week and scour Pinterest for dinner recipes? In the words of the great Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

How To Get Your Box

We’re all just out here trying to make it, so I’ve made sure to get you a discount code. Get 18 meals for $3.33 each by clicking right here. I don’t earn any commission from your purchase at all. This is just me, trying to make life a little more tasty and a little less difficult.

What are your eating habits like? Have you tried a meal kit delivery service?


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