I Tried a Meal Kit Delivery Service. Here’s What Happened – EveryPlate Review

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As a full time grad student, part time teacher, part time marketing assistant, AND freelance social media writer (and avid wine drinker) – life gets hectic! Between working, doing school work, sleeping, AND trying to manage a social life, it can be hard to find time to prepare meals and plan out what to eat. That’s why, after seeing so many people talk about meal kit delivery services, I knew it was time to see for myself.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been trying to save and be more mindful about cooking at home. For the past few weeks, that’s consisted of last minute trips to the grocery store and spending class time hiding behind my laptop screen looking at Pinterest recipes (sorry, professors!). Although I’ve been looking at meal kit services to try, they all have been expensive and seemed like too much of a financial commitment. Cue the Everyplate meal kit delivery service.

It’s one of the cheapest options available, the reviews were good, AND it allows you to skip meals or cancel your subscription at anytime.

You’d imagine my screech of glee when I saw that three different meals were delivered straight to my door, ready to cook. No planning out meals, no searching through grocery aisles, no thought about which sauces and seasonings to buy.

Unboxing the Everyplate Meal Kit

The first thing I did was grab a pair of scissors and slice the box open to see what was inside. To my delight, there were three meal cards that detailed exactly what was inside. The three meals were the Gravy Lover’s Meatballs, Teriyaki Chicken, and the Gooey Stuffed Pork Burgers. Each meal card outlines what they sent for that meal, what you’ll already need to have (little things like veggie oil, sugar, butter, etc.), and the back has instructions for cooking.

Packed among three large ice-packs were the ingredients for the food. In a cardboard box was zucchini, garlic cloves, onions, yukon potatoes, broccoli, a lime, and shredded cheese. The burger buns were packaged in plastic, the meats were all individually packaged, and there was a large ziploc bag with jasmine rice and sauces. I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh everything looked!

What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

After unboxing everything and reading all the recipe cards, I finally settled on making the Teriyaki Chicken recipe for my first Everyplate meal. If you know me, Asian cuisine is one of my faves. Naturally, I was excited to see how this recipe would step up to the plate! Pun FULLY intended.

I carefully chopped the garlic, zucchini, and ginger while the oven preheated to 500 degrees. Multitasking can be difficult when cooking, but it’s such a time saver and increases the chance that everything will be finished at once!

While chopping my ingredients, half of the ginger simmered in vegetable oil in a pot. When it was fragrant, I added the jasmine rice and water to boil.

Next was creating the sauce mixture, which consisted of soy sauce, sugar, water, and lime. It might sound odd, but it came out really tasty! When the sauce was ready, I seasoned the chicken breasts, heated a drizzle of vegetable oil on the stove, and dropped them into the skillet to brown a bit.

By the time I finished that, the oven had finished preheating and it was time to prepare the zucchini on a baking sheet with oil, salt, and pepper. Instead of using the vegetable oil in the recipe, I opted for extra virgin olive oil – it’s so perfect for roasting veggies! I tossed the zucchini into the oven and set a timer for 7 mins, shifting my attention back to the chicken.

Once I poured in the soy sauce, garlic, and remaining ginger – the kitchen smelled amazing! A few minutes later and the rice, chicken, and zucchini were ready to be plated. To my surprise, it looked exactly like the photo on the recipe card – seriously, when does that ever happen?

Survey Says…

I can be pretty selective when it comes to my food, but this passed the taste test for both me and a friend! The chicken was cooked to perfection. I was worried that I cooked it too long, but it turned out to be the right amount of time. The jasmine rice was pretty good, although I wish there was more of a gingery taste. Lastly, the zucchini was my favorite part! I’m one of the weird folks who love vegetables, so you be the judge.

Altogether, the Everyplate meal kit is:
– Easy: It came straight to my door. No issues!
– Tasty: The meal I prepared was great, and the portion was filling
– Affordable: Each meal is $3.33
– A life saver. Nuff said.

How to Get Your Kit

Because I know we’re all just trying to make it out here, I’ve arranged for you to get 18 meals for $3.33 each by clicking right here. You can also enter the code MARISSADAILYBLOG30 to use my discount as well. I don’t earn any commission from the sales of these boxes – I’m genuinely urging you to try the service and see for yourself!

After all, life gets hectic. If I can make it easier for you, I’ll do that any way possible! In my opinion, Everyplate is worth every penny. Let me know what you think in the comments below – have you ever tried a meal delivery service?

Want to See The Everyplate Meal Kit In Action?

This post has been sponsored by the Everyplate meal kit service. All opinions and narratives are my honest opinion. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I took your advice and the discount will get next week. I use Hello Fresh I heard owned by same?

  2. We are not big eaters, but my son and I found the portions ridiculously small. The food was very good, but 4 meals was only 2 meals for us so not cost effective. Cancelled after first order.

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