Gifts for Her Under $30 (Holiday 2018)

It’s that time again! I love the holidays. Food, parties, time with loved ones, and getting away from work makes me a happy girl. Plus, what other time of the year is it appropriate to spike your hot chocolate? Point made!

However, what I DON’T love is being completely clueless about what gifts to buy – especially when your girl is “balling on a budget” (do people still say that?). So, this post is for anyone who’s looking to get gifts for a special lady in your life in an affordable way. Be it your “bae,” friend, or family member, here are some gifts that any girl would love!

If she’s a beauty queen: Vanity Makeup Mirror – $29.99


This is actually my favorite gift on this list, which is why I had to start with it. A vanity mirror is one of those low-cost gifts that looks expensive. This one has 36 LED lights, and two side panels with 2X and 3X magnification so she can make sure there’s not a single eyebrow hair out of place! For someone who spends a lot of time getting dolled up, this is perfect.

I have to say though, it feels weird to get all up close and personal with the pores on your face. Brace yourself!

If she needs to de-stress: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser – $13.59


I own this diffuser, and I loved it so much that my mom received one a year later. All she has to do is put in some water and essential oils, hit a button, and there’s a stream of mist that smells amazing and calming. This one rotates between colors, so it’s also perfect for a nightlight.

Bonus use: Peppermint oil and this helps me feel a lot better when I’m sick.

Here are some cheap essential oils to go with the diffuser!

If she loves music: Rose Gold Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $15.99

rose gold

This speaker is adorable! It connects to her phone for seamless audio playback, and is small enough to fit in a purse. It’s also touchscreen. While I don’t own this speaker myself, the reviews are pretty great! This is an awesome gift for music lovers who like to take their favorite songs everywhere with them. It’s also a cool addition for someone with quiet laptop speakers or an iPad.

For the fashionista: Multiwear Pashmina Scarf/Shawl – $12.99


I love scarves and pashminas because they’re transformative fashion – you can wear them multiple ways! This one is really beautiful in mustard, but there are plenty of other colors to choose from too. A nice colorful scarf with a black turtleneck, black pants, some boots, and throw on some jewelry. That’s a FIT.

For the makeup lover: BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette – $27.50


Colorful makeup can be scary to get, knowing that the wrong color combo can have you looking like you belong with the Ringling Brothers. But, not for the makeup lover! She seamlessly blends, flicks her wrist, and a look is made. Get her out of her comfort zone with some festival-inspired colors in this palette. Take a peek at the reviews – the looks are STUN-NING!

If she binge watches: Roku Express – $29.88


This is also one of those gifts I ended up getting for my mom. She absolutely loved it! If your special lady doesn’t have a smart TV, this is an awesome way to convert her TV into one. Netflix and chill, anybody? Get your minds out of the gutter.

For the wine drinker: Mikasa Cheers Glasses Set – $27.99

wineIf your lady’s anything like me, she fancies her wine in a cute glass. These are adorable, yet very elegant as well. They look expensive, but they’re under $30.00! I also think this is great for ladies who have wine nights at their house. They can tell their friends about how you bought them this adorable set.

For the YouTuber or Blogger: Tripod and Bluetooth Remote – $17.95

tripodI’ve done a lot of videos and photoshoots on my lonesome, and let me tell you – it’s tough without the right equipment! Whether she’s a novice or seasoned content creator, this will get her started off right. The Bluetooth remote is perfect for starting shots without having to edit off the awkward part where you come and click the record button. She’ll love it! The bendy legs also make it super flexible to work with. I’ve used one in a moving car, and it kept the phone steady on the dashboard.

For the boss babe: Inspirational Travel Mug – $19.99

mugThis saying is really popular, and it’s perfect for the woman who’s a go-getter. She believed she could so she did!

For a girl on the go: Lightweight Tote Bag – $30.95

toteAs a student and a working woman, never underestimate the power of a good tote bag. I need my laptop, planner, work folders, pens, phone, keys, lip-gloss, and everything but the kitchen sink (anyone remember that saying?). This one comes in many colors, and has generally good reviews. I cheated because it’s not technically under $30, but this is the nicest I could find for the price!

For the naturally curly girl: SheaMoisture Superfruit Complex Set – $27.99


Superfruit Complex is a miracle worker! Whew chile, the curls. Plus, it smells really great too. I think I’ve said enough about that.

If she loves ambiance: Vanilla Bean Noel Candle – $28.59 

vanillaVanilla Bean Noel is the perfect mixture of something that resembles sugar and vanilla. Candles are absolutely wonderful during the holiday season as they have the whole house smelling like a wonderland. Set some ambiance!

For the skincare lover: Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask – $10.95

aztecThis clay mask has a cult following on Amazon. People use it for their skin, but I’ve also heard it being used for hair! It’s made from natural calcium bentonite clay, and apparently works miracles for troubled skin. I’d recommend throwing this in with some other spa-related items such as a manicure set or a foot bath.

What are some of the best gifts you’ve been given? Happy holidays!

Disclaimer: These items have been hand curated by me, and have not been provided by a sponsor. However, I may receive commission with the purchase of these items through the links provided.


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