A New Chapter…

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“The best time for new beginnings is now.” – Unknown

A shiny, new blog. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d finally let the madness inside of my head come to a halt, and find the courage to click the “Publish” button. Dramatic? Maybe a little bit, but sometimes life calls for a little drama.

After weeks of looking at countless blogs, Pinterest posts, and Instagram pages, I finally decided “let’s just do it.” Truthfully, the thought of starting a new blog is much scarier than I thought. The struggle of what to talk about, whether people will be able to relate, how much to share, and how people will view you after reading is something SERIOUS. But, I’m ready to welcome you with open arms into my life. Here goes nothing!

I’m Marissa. I stand tall, but I’m only 5’3. I love “girly things” like pumpkin spice, art museums, and brunch – but I’ll still geek out over a good anime or Social Sciences Theory. I’m a first-year graduate student navigating this very weird time where I’m an adult, but not quite a “grown up.” I smile almost all the time, but I sometimes feel sad as well. I feel connected to others, but can also feel detached in a room full of people I call friends. A lot of people think I have it all together (I’ll give you a hint – I definitely don’t!).

Every highlight reel has a boatload of bloopers and behind-the-scenes craziness. It’s life. That’s why we’re here. Here, you’ll find snippets of my life and thoughts. From surface topics like fashion, college & beauty, all the way to deeper things like relationships & emotions.

I’m writing for the girls (or guys!) like me. The ones who try to value both their good and questionable moments. The ones who love a good day trip or adventure. The ones who can relate to that feeling of being somewhat lost, but still feeling excited to make their own path. The ones who sometimes plan out a whole weekend of socialization, but sometimes just need to drink ungodly amounts of wine and lay in bed… amiright? (asking for a friend)

With this blog, here are my 3 promises to you:

  • I promise not to make this into a facade of fakeness. What’s the point of that? Sure, my life is full of smiles. It’s easy to filter out the bad times, and only share those positive moments. I won’t do that.
  • I promise to bring you on my favorite adventures! From day trips to DC for french toast and art, all the way to my rare international trips.
  • I promise to welcome your comments and 2 cents, and to look at things from multiple perspectives. In fact, I love these! Let’s talk to each other.

My goal is to create a space where I can be myself, you can be yourself, and we can share with each other. This isn’t going to be easy… Nobody said it would be. It’s a growth experience. With that being said, welcome to TheMarissaDaily.com!


  • Marissa Strang

    Marissa Strang is a full-time lifestyle and travel blogger based out of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Travel is her number one passion, and she is on a mission to empower others to make travel a reality for their own lives as well. She’s a strong believer that everyone can experience the joy of exploring the world, no matter the way they look or their socioeconomic status. Marissa creates one-of-a-kind city guides, destination inspiration, and budget-friendly travel hacks for aspiring travelers, especially young travelers and minorities. By creating travel content through her blog, The Marissa Daily, she strives to help others make lifelong memories - one destination at a time. Her journey as a blogger for the past 3 years has led her to visit amazing places and build an engaged travel community that she cares for deeply. One of the principles Marissa lives by, and encourages others to abide by, is that when you look like your passport photo, it’s time to book a trip. Let's go places.

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  1. Yayyy so excited you finally decided to take the plunge! It’s so much less scary once you actually start. Can’t wait to see where the journey takes you 💕

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