How to Effortlessly Take Your Own Photos

Whether you're a traveler, blogger, Instagram guru, aspiring model, or any other type of content creator, we all have one thing in common: photos are vital to success! However, asking strangers, family, or friends to take 100+ photos of you in different poses can be anxiety-inducing. You know what they say, if you really want something to get done, you have to do it yourself!

8 Essential Tips for Traveling

We've all heard it: travel is good for the soul! Having traveled several times both domestically within the US and internationally, I agree. The opportunity to expose yourself to new places, people, foods, and cultures is an enriching experience. However, as romantic as travel can be portrayed, it's also incredibly stressful to plan and execute a successful trip without the proper knowledge. I'm dropping my 8 essential tips for traveling in this blog post! Plus, there's a free gift somewhere in this post as well - be on the lookout!

I Attend Grad School Tuition Free. Here’s How.

I knew that after completing my BS in Marketing, I wasn't ANYWHERE near ready to put on my big girl pants and step out into the real world. Not only that, but I wanted so desperately to have the opportunity to teach at the university level someday. The best way to make it happen was to attend graduate school. As I filled out and submitted the application to my Master's program, the questioned loomed over my head... How am I going to pay for this s***?! After several interviews, Google searches, and email exchanges, I found the answer to my question.