Hello, friends!

I’m Marissa Daily, a second year graduate student and lifestyle blogger from Northern Virginia. I love brunch, pumpkin spice, art museums, and “girly” things, but I also watch anime and geek out over Communication and Social Science theories. Weird? Indeed. Welcome to my life.

My Journey

So, why are we here? Let’s backtrack a little. Not too long ago I was graduating with my Bachelor’s in Marketing. I felt sure that financial stability, love, and “adulting” was right around the corner. Wrong… Wrong, wrong. For a minute I felt like I was driving 90 MPH on the wrong side of the highway. Confusion. I settled on continuing education in my master’s program, and making strides toward a career switch into communication and media.

It wasn’t until this weird period in my life of being an “adult,” but not a “grown up” that I realized… I have so much to say and share. Not everything is in our control, but sharing my experiences and building this community lets us navigate it together.


Why Stick With Me?

Like I said, I have a lot to share with you all. From my many adventures to conversations about personal growth. Life isn’t all fairy-tales and rainbows – even though we often try to fake it on social media. I want to build a community where we can talk about everything pertaining to… well, life! Where we can revel in both the good times and the bad, because that’s what makes us human. A little cliche? Possibly. But, cliche isn’t always bad. Sometimes it’s perfectly necessary.

I hope my blog can share something of value with you all and inspire you to join me on my journey toward happiness, adventures, love, & light.